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Techniczna Obsługa Przemysłu

TOP Sp. z o.o.

Bielsko-Biała, 43-300

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Projektowanie maszyn, urządzeń oraz konstrukcji

  • wykonywanie nowych projektów maszyn i urządzeń w zależności od potrzeb klienta

  • wykonywanie dokumentacji rysunkowej oraz modeli 3D

  • rozwiązywanie problemów w fazie projektowania

Construction of machinery and equipment according to own or customer documentation

  • automation of production processes

  • making machine parts

  • construction of load-bearing structures,

  • frames assembly based on the design

  • making changes and corrections during assembly

  • starting the machine and testing

Performing machine control

  • programming of machines and devices

  • performing security in accordance with the security category

  • changes in the operation of processes on the machine

  • execution of electrical diagrams, programs

Machine repairs 

  • overview of machines and devices

  • assessment of the technical condition of the machine

  • performing repairs and regeneration / replacement of used elements

  • commissioning and testing of the machine's operation

Displacements and technological assembly

  • disassembly of machines and production lines at the place indicated by the customer

  • transport of machines and devices

  • machine assembly at the destination

  • implementing changes resulting from the relocation

  • regulation and commissioning of machines

Adjusting machines to new safety requirements

  • risk analysis

  • definition of security categories

  • design of covers and protections to eliminate possible threats

Machining of machine parts

  • cutting

  • turning

  • milling

  • grinding

  • chiselling

in cooperation with specialist companies:

  • rubber coating

  • blacking

  • carburizing

  • annealing

  • chroming

  • galvanizing

  • hardening

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